Mentally Ready
                                                            Mentally Ready

                      Do you feel healthy? Do you feel strong? 

The answer is yes! I believe the first step in a healthy strong life is being positive and believing in yourself. You are the one that will be pushing yourself and improving the way you live your life. As adults we follow the footprints we imprinted into the ground. The wonderful part about that is there is aways turning around and making a better path. There are no short cuts but there is a happy and healthy strong person on the other side of the right trail.

My name is Kristina Miller and I’ve been following my fitness path since I realized it wasn’t just nutrition nor just weights. There is much more to it. There is a great deal of knowledge about fitness; nutrition, diets, sleep, supplements, warming up, stretching, cardiovascular, weights, technique… etc. and the years I’ve been studying about fitness I’m still learning more about it.

Killer workouts will share all that I’ve learned and accomplished. I will post every warmup, stretch, workout, cool down, and daily intake for you to fallow along. If being healthy and being fit is what you want I will help you start your journey by choosing the right path. You will shred the unwanted fat and gain muscle. You will have the curves everyone wants! You will be stronger then you’ve ever been! You will have self-esteem like you should have… CONFIDENCE!



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