Before any workout I highly suggest you do some stretching. I have posted some for you to follow.

This exercise below can be done at home or at the gym.(No weights needed)

WARM UPS          (Lets get our Cardiovascular going )

4 Sets 

20Jumping Jacks 

10 Push  Ups 

20 Mouton Climber 

3 min break

Killer Workout (KW)

20 Mouton Climber 

20 Sit ups (crossfit style; Soles of your feet together and legs are spread out in to a diamonds shape with your knees out. Hands are began by touching your shoes with your back straight up. Slowly bring your torso back until your shoulders fit the ground. Then work your way back up and touch your shoes. Your arms will stay in the same position as they started, straight and between your legs)

25 Air squarest ( no weights necessary)

15 split squats  ( no weights necessary)

Do this for a Week. 3 to 4 time for the best time. This is a cardiovascular workout. These are the kind of workouts that will slim you down!

Stretch again After


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