Good Fats VS. Bad Fats

Research has shown it’s the types of fat you eat, and not how much you eat. This is one of the biggest effect on a healthy diet! The good for you fats are the one that are unsaturated. The bad fat are the one that include saturated fat and trans fat.

Trans fat are produced when liquid oils are turned in to solid shortening.

  • Source Foods: Found in hydrogenated oil such as, french fries, doughnuts, pastries, pies crust, biscuits, pizza dough, crackers, cookies, stick margarines, and shortening. 

Saturated fats are solid at room temperature. They mostly come from animal products.

  • Source Foods: Beef, lamb, pork, bacon, cheese, full-fat yogurt, butter, whole milk, and snack chips and  bakery items made with tropical oils like coconut, palm, and palm kernel. 

Saturated fats are in fatty meats. This does not mean you can not eat beef, lamb, pork, or bacon. I’m say this because in this generation you can find these meats in lean form. Meaning the butcher limits the saturated fat.

I’m big on the Paleo diet (Paleolithic diet). My next article will explain the diet and why I am a fan. Stay tuned!!


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