Almond Milk Vs. Cow’s Milk

Approximately 75 percent of earth’s population are lactose intolerant! Most humans stop producing enzymes between 2 – 5 years old. Which means we don’t have enough enzymes to properly break down milk. That suck! How are we going to get our calcium? 

You are in luck! You can get calcium from almond milk. Actually in one service size you get more calcium from almond milk then from whole milk and it is proven to be healthier for you. 

Let’s compare 

1 Cup

Whole Milk: 146 calorie, calcium 280 mg, Saturated fat 5 g, high glycemic index ( measures glucose leaves after eating a particular food. High G.I. will store fat), high cholesterol 24 mg, sugar 13 g, sodium 98 mg, protein 8 g, not gluten free, lactose,  and total fat 8 g.

  • Great source of protein
  • Great source of calcium 
  • Good source of  vitamins and minerals 

1 Cup

Almond Milk: 40 calories, calcium 450 mg, NO saturated fat, low glycemic index ( can turn the sugar in to energy and not stored fat), NO cholesterol (great for diabetes patients), NO sugar, sodium 180 mg (Daily intake of sodium is 2400), Protein ( the only negative that I see in almond milk. However, I use almond milk in my protein shakes. Yumm!!), gluten free, lactose free, and NO fat.

  • Great source of calcium 
  • High in antioxidant ( Vitamin  E) = great for your skin
  • Heart Healthy ( No sat. fat and cholesterol )
  • High in iron ( helps absorb protein and nutrition in your muscles to repair)
  • Low calories 
  • Great source of  vitamins and mineral

milk comparison                                                    Compare Almond and Whole milk

I hope this helps you understand and compare between cow’s milk and Almond milk. It is a drastic difference between the both and that is why you should decide on Almond milk!


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