Workout 2

Please refer back to stretch post and stretch before working out.

Warm up

3 Sets

Run: 500 meters (about .30 mile)

10 Jump Squats ( Stand body width apart then transition to a squat position and explode to a jump. After the jump return to the squat position.)

10 Push ups

20 Air thrusters ( Usually you do thrusters with weights. However I want those who has not ever done this movement to practice this motion. You can grab a broom, stick, or many use a long PVC pipe. You don’t need to prop for long it is just for you to grasp the motion.

Thruster: Start the prop with a front rack position with a lose finger grip and your elbows high( also known as the front squat position). Position your body to the front squat position with your hips below your kneecap. Drive up from your front squat with the weight at your heels. Coming to a full extension from the hips and drive the prop off your body.  Press the prop over your head in to a locked out position. Pull the prop back down to the body in to the front squat where we began. ( I want you to do this until you are comfortable with the motion. My estimated time was 20 reps but if you need more time please take it!)

3 min break

Killer Workout (KW)

4 Sets   Best Time!!

25 Box jumps

10 Thrusters – 45LB (bar)

20 air squats ( no weights)

3 pull ups (use residence bands if needed)

3 to 4 time threw the week. BEST TIME!!


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