Self-myofascial release, also know as foam roller

Have you seen this odd cylinder laying around the gym?

foam roller

Do you have sore muscle and don’t know what to do about it?

That foam cylinder is called Self-myofascial release, in less fancier words it is also know as self-massage to release muscle tightness or trigger points. Trigger point are “knots” that form in your muscles. Muscle tightness and trigger points can be panful and last a few days. Who wants to be in pain for a few days when you can help release that pain from your body? NOT ME!

This is when the foam roller comes in to play and it is shockingly very simply to use. For an example, you have some tightness in your hamstring fibers(a long stand cell that forms the muscle of the body) that you want to release.

Lay the foam roller on to the ground and sit on it. Roll down to your upper hamstring next to your glute. Push all your pressure on to the roller and roll down to your lower hamstring next to the back of your knee. You should feel pressure on your tight area. Do this until you feel release. It should take a few rolls.

See how simple that was?


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