Workout 4

Make sure you stretch and foam role before you start this workout!

Warm up (3 rounds)

20 Jump ropes

15 Air squats

10 Push ups

3 min drink brake

KillerWorkout ( 10 min AMAP) (Key- AMAP = As Many As Possible)

15 45lb front squat

15 45lb back Squat

5 strict pull ups

20 Abmatt

The front squat, back squat, pull ups and, Abmatt is one round. You want to do as many rounds as possible in 10 min. There are three types of elements workouts. This is an example of the third element but a modified version. The third element is 20 min for score. We are doing our workout for 10 min for score. Don’t worry we will work our way up there! We have to build your stamina  and your lactic acid. 

Make sure you stretch and foam role ( I repeat this every time because it plays a huge roll in your workouts! Flexibility is key with weightlifting and as we don’t want any injuries, do we!) 

Make sure you keep a recored of this workout because we will be doing it again to see how much you have improved! 




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